Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities
Cambridge Court World School has extensive co-curricular programs in order to achieve the philosophy of ‘More Than Just Marks’. This Program is designed to help students to assimilate into Cambridge Court World School through meeting students from different year levels with similar interests, and to enable students to broaden their experience at the School.
At The Cambridge Court World School, we believe that Physical Education is a significant indicator of robustness of spirit. The lessons learnt on playfields are far more enduring than those learnt in classrooms. Involvement activities offered to students include:
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Court
  • Mini-Football Field
  • Badminton Court
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Skating Zone
  • Swimming Pool (Under Construction)
Physical Education is one of the most intellectually stimulating activities a child can partake in and such we help to: promote superior working memory, cultivate better thinking skills and broaden our students’ communication palate.
The aims of the Extra Curricular Program are multi-fold. At CCWS, Art thrives in its visual and performing forms, encompassing a diverse range of activities and modes of expression. We believe in providing students with an art education that gives them an opportunity to understand their legacy and combine it with a vision of the future. In addition to helping students nurture a passion for specific arts and crafts, we inculcate aesthetic appreciation and creativity within them resulting in a refinement of the senses and a desire to conserve one's heritage and environment. More importantly, the Arts curriculum is designed so as to integrate with other subjects in addition to the development of artistic skills and life skills (such as empathy, problem solving, decision making, etc.).
Basically, balancing the cognitive, (intelligence), physical and psychological abilities of the students through extracurricular activities in school is something we focus upon in Cambridge Court World School. Balancing add up to the overall personality development.

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