Life Skill For Students

Learning how to learn is one of the most important skills in life and that makes a great difference. Education is the foundation of success. Just as scholastic skills are vitally important, so are the life skills.

“Education gives you sufficient skills to make you efficient”.

Henceforth the school that can develop these skills is the need of the hour. Cambridge Court World School is a life skills schools which develops these abilities that help in promoting mental well being and competence in young minds as they face the realities of life.

While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your social skills are the ones that provide most of the doors to come. Therefore, life skills education in school holds a great importance in today’s time.

Life skills for students can be incorporated by acquiring them with scenarios mimicking real-world, scenario to foster critical thinking and problem solving. For this school includes visits to social places, extempore, case study, debate, group discussions, STEM classes, trinity classes. Life skills for students prepare them to face real-life situations and imbibes in them decision making ability.

Life skills for students as incorporated in the school curriculum offer them a safe environment to make mistakes that they can learn from.

Life skills based education is an inseparable part of the curriculum. It helps the students to learn the importance of team work, respect, communication and stress management. This education improves their social skills, thinking skills and emotional skills. Social skills train students in blending well with society. It makes them aware of their responsibilities as the future citizens of our country. Problem solving and decision making are key concepts of thinking skills. Thinking out of the box is very important to outshine others. Creative and practical way of thinking is encouraged. Student’s ability to control their emotions comes under emotional skills. The way they express their emotions, feel and deal with it is different from every student. The school focuses on helping them coping with their emotions.

The students are given opportunity to be a part of life skills class in Cambridge Court World School where experiences derived from the life skills education are going to develop emotional quotient in the students. This also strengthens the bond between teacher and students and brings about effective learning.

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