Life Skill Class For Education

These are the skills we need to make the most out of life. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential.

Any skill that is useful in our life can be considered a life skill. They may be more or less relevant to an individual depending on his/her life circumstances, culture, belief, age, geographic location etc.

From the need for negotiation skills while shopping, to employability skill for a job, from time management and organising skills for starting up a family, to decision making skills in career development are needed, thus there could be thousands of life skills that have become a necessity. Learning these one can increase a student’s understanding of the world so that he/she could deal with the real time problem efficiently.

According to Dakar World Education Conference an education that includes learning to know, to do to live together and to be, is the life skills based education. Expected learning outcomes of life skill based education include a combination of knowledge, values, and attitudes, critical thinking and problem solving.

Life skills school emphasises on communications and practical skills needed for independent living.

Life skills education includes formal and informal education both. Life Skills Curriculum also includes parenting. Parents, teaching about values, manners & traditions contribute a lot in the learning of their children. This learning helps him in future to face the system where he has to act independently. In schools, till now a child was like a unit who was supposed to response what he was for, asked his individual independent responsibility was not rated but now in life skill based education different aspects have been included. Classes for leadership, personality development, vocational training hobbies and interest, different clubs like eco club, literary clubs, health & awareness club etc. are taken. They conduct various activities which give an exposure to the children and their inclination towards a particular field is observed and his skills are groomed there.

Life skill for students can include excursion trips, workshops, visits to different work places with different working environment, model working of important organisation like Courts, Parliament, Vidhan Sabha houses, UNO etc. responsibility conduction of different activities by children themselves. In junior classes parents’ contribution can also be included. Parents with different professional background can be invited to share their experience and conduct some activity in school of their ward. Post activity discussion, quizzes, report writing, debates can confirm and test the knowledge of the skill introduced to them through such activities.

Thus a continuous, thoughtfully and well planned and designed working with the children is needed in a life skill class which will bring the holistic development of the children, helps in promoting creativity in education and will prepare them to face and handle the after school life successfully and independently as humble polite sensitive and knowledgable individuals.

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