Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Along with the academic curriculum we at Cambridge Court World School add up activities and programs to enhance the overall development of the student in various fields. Extra curricular activities have a wide variety of range which includes games, sports and other physical activities. To execute these activities we have basketball courts, volleyball court, mini-football field, badminton court, cricket pitch, table tennis room, skating zone and many activities to be added at the end of this year.

The school continues to look for different activities as per today’s demand and endeavours to broaden its offerings. We truly believe in the cognitive, physical, emotional and moral development of a child can be easily developed if we provide a good space and opportunities of extra-curricular activities for kids where they learn to co-exist, share,develop loyalty towards their team and sport. They also learn an important thing that is to handle success and failure. They also learn to behave under pressure of winning a particular game or sport which they are playing.

The trainers and coaches along with the physical performances also pay attention to the students’ behavioural procedures and how they handle success and failure on the field and off the field.
Special care is taken of the students if they suffer from over or under confidence while performing a certain activity or sport. As over or under confidence in any activity can lead to poor decision making and the results would be undesirable.

Basically, balancing the cognitive, (intelligence), physical and psychological abilities of the students through extracurricular activities in school is something we focus upon in Cambridge Court World School. Balancing adds up to the overall personality development.

In today’s modern era of education and activities everything comes with a great scope. Along with the educational institutes parents are also aware and at the same time demanding for extra curricular activities in school which makes the institution much more responsible and enthusiastic in introducing and conducting extra curricular activities for kids.

Through these activities students also discover themselves and are able to explore their own interests and personality. The exposure to these activities enables the students to understand more about their own abilities to perform in certain fields. Many a times these activities play a vital role in student’s life as they pursue these activities as their careers.

By trying different sports and physical activities students discover their hidden talents and feel motivated want to pursue the particular activity as their main careers. To give this opportunity to our students we focus on extra curricular activities for students to be more wide, interesting and challenging.

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