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Use of technology in education is like a new wave in this sea of education. Why is technology acting as a new pillar of education? The points coming after this will clear all your doubts regarding why technology? In this technology not spoiling our children?

So, one is experience based learning and one is experiential learning. Experience based learning was the technique that was being practised until now in schools. By experience based learning we mean, the experience gained by the teacher was being transferred as it is to the children. Now with the introduction of digitalized learning and technology to the class the children have come across experiential learning, which is that they will themselves test truthfulness of any fact, they will themselves build models and will derive conclusions that the fact taught to them is correct or not. If correct, why correct and if not, why not.

Use of technology in education is preparing our students for tomorrows technical jobs. Let us take two students, one has learnt everything via books and one has practised everything via tools and technology. Obviously, the child performing better when exposed to the outer world will be the one with practical skills. The latter child would practically be aware of how things are done practically not theoretically.

Technology when involved with education has resulted in increased student’s engagement and motivation towards learning. For example – telling a small child that a mango is very delicious and showing him the picture of the same in some book wouldn’t help him realise the taste of a mango. Only when the child wills actually taste the mango, it is then that the child will come to know how mango tastes.

Likewise, technology here is the mango and the picture of the mango in the book is the normal teaching methodology and letting the child taste the mango is “the use of technology in education”.

In today’s scenario, every job, every field requires use of technology, and why not when it makes our work easier and faster and fuss free. The children, sooner or later will have to use technology then why deprive them of this basic necessity. Rather, let our children be smart children, let them we technology and be great entrepreneurs, scientists, CEO's and what not of tomorrow’s world.

Let us pledge to use technology with education and prepare smart children for smart India.

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