Creative Thinking in Schools / Promoting Creativity in Education

Different cars that we see today are all different models, have different features, come with different designs. Now imagine a world with numerous cars but all some designs, some features. That is world without creativity. Not just cars, but everything around we see is creativity. World without creativity is dull.

Every new invention is nothing but creativity. Thomas Alva Edison came up with hundred incorrect ideas for a bulb and then finally these incorrect ideas led him to the right one. Now imagine a child spends half of the day in school and the other half doing his homework, then when would he be getting any time for those hundred incorrect ideas for which will eventually lead him to the correct one.

All these children in schools can be the future Edison’s and Ferrari designers only if we direct their energy to a constructive path. That constructive path is the path we have here in our school. Here in Cambridge Court World School we lay stress on creative thinking. We have hobby classes for children of all age groups let it be dance, guitar, skating, football, drawing or any other hobby. Not only ere we have a world class library to unleash the writers amongst children.

Cambridge Court World School abides by the sentence “70% of the learning is done in school” By 70% we mean that we take care of not only the learning but also the overall personality of our child. We as an institution, not only take care of academics but also find out what all areas is our child strong in and maintain a track record of his/her interests and achievements.

To promote creativity along with education we here have elite faculties to give our children world class training in martial arts, dance, painting, football, skating and many other skills.

A new milestone has been added to the school for promoting creativity in education that is STEAM Education. In this word STEAM, S stands for Science, T for technology, E for Engineering, A for Arts and M for mathematics. This STEAM education is working wonders in unleashing the creativity of the children. Kids here are encouraged to come up with the designing of various models. They are given the kind of product which a company wants as problem statement and then children empathize with the customer and the company and come up with brilliant product designs keeping in mind both the customer and the company..

Children have so much energy in them. Why suppress their energy by making them sit and learn the entire day. Let them flourish. Let us support our children in unleashing the creativity they have and contribute to the development of our country.

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