Concept Based Education

Conceptual Curriculum Enhances Learning

To run a school smoothly and effectively, there are certain factors to be followed such as discipline, time – management, coordination, leadership quality, patience, hardworking faculty, determination, devotion for the institution. But in the absence of concept based curriculum and instruction, all the factors are futile.

In general terms, the definition of school is, ‘a place where a child learns something’.

But Cambridge Court World School is a school where concept based learning is the main motto. Therefore, facilitators of Cambridge Court World School feel that if child is not able to connect with present environment, it is a mere wastage of time.

Curiosity is a necessity and every child is blessed with this necessity. It depends on the teacher how this curiosity in a child can be maneuvered to not only increase the level of education but also enhance concept based learning which plays a very important role.

At Cambridge Court World School teachers plan out assignments and assessments in such a way that it aspires students to explore. Project-based learning is an intrinsic part of curriculum and further boosts the hunger to learn. Students, here always want to discover, explore and research and sometimes they end up with some amazing results. And it is also a fact that concept based learning not only helps in academics it also trains them to lead their future life smoothly.

This is also very true that if concept based curriculum is not there, then concept based leaning cannot take place.

At Cambridge Court World School, the teaching methods implemented in the classroom are innovative, expressive and practical based, so they are easily accepted by the students. In the present scenario, it is observed that our upcoming generation is more inclined towards the western culture. Dearth of moral values, lack in sympathy are incorporated in the students deeply. We believe that these are the most important ingredients of a student’s life. Mentors or facilitators realize that academics cannot always make a man successful. He needs to be humble, noble, soft - hearted sympathetic, self – reliant and decisive. Hence, I strongly support this point that concept- based curriculum has been an integral part of our school.

In our opinion, to some extent instruction and discipline are similar. We will strengthen our view by giving an example, if we give our child some instructions for preparing a cup of tea. He follows my instructions very carefully. Obviously, the result would be as per the expectations. Hence we as a school believes that concept based curriculum and instruction are interdependent.

Sports ranging from basketball to lawn tennis and from cricket to martial arts are incorporated as an integral part of curriculum.

Similarly there are many activities going on in the school to prove this. Few of them are

  • STEM classes develop logical, analytical and observational thinking in young minds.
  • Trinity classes conducted by the representatives of Trinity College of London are an effort to enhance speaking skills so that they can prove themselves globally.

There are many more efforts initiated for the holistic development of children. Thus, it proves that concept based curriculum and instructions are really base of effective teaching.

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