Holistic Development of Children – Need of the Hour

Every parent strives hard to provide the best available education to their child. Education plays a really important role in the growth and development of a child. The quality of education imparted to the child becomes a decisive factor in the all round development of a child.

Education should be comprehensive and aimed at holistic development of children. Mostly the concept of all round development takes a backseat and academics become the prominent aspect of education.

In view of education and child development, academics undoubtedly is the most important aspect of education but is certainly not the only one. All round development of a child’s personality greatly depends on the set of skills developed and imbibed in a child during the budding stage.

Schools today are competing to work on the curriculum that can cater to the holistic development of a child. For this, various activities are included in the curriculum. Education can bring a great difference in a child. One of the best boarding schools of Jaipur, Cambridge Court World School understands the significance of maintaining a perfect relationship between child’s development and education. The School encompasses in its curriculum child development courses ranging from sports to STEM, music to case study. Some of the courses are exclusively running in the school and could not be easily found in other schools.

The school even works in the field of child growth and development classes. Understanding the plight of working parents the school works with a team of teachers specialized in pedagogy and work on curriculum which incorporate childhood development courses. Case Study and Trinity classes initiated by school are a step in this concern where child development education is taken forward by teaching students life stories, struggle and achievements of successful personalities.

The school aims to bring holistic development in children and for that endeavor’s to maintain balanced and positive relationship between child education and development. This is why sports are given due importance and in fact are incorporated in the curriculum that aims to provide child development courses. Students are given opportunity to exhibit their talent in the field of sports.

Science remains an important milestone in child development and education school fully realises the fact and has assimilated Science in curriculum in such a way that practical usage and practice of Science becomes a habit of the child. This ensures a complete child development in education which is often ignored.

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