New Era When Parents Are Appreciating and Adapting the Concept of Boarding Schools in Jaipur

A Perfect Blend of EQ & IQ
October 1, 2017
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October 25, 2017

New Era When Parents Are Appreciating and Adapting the Concept of Boarding Schools in Jaipur

cambridge court world school

Going back to my childhood, I remember, “What a rush was our morning time?” It was a big struggle for us to reach our schools before the bell rang. We had no time for exercise or healthy breakfast. Every day with half asleep eyes we used to sit in the class. And similarly in the afternoons all of us used to either have the unhealthy noon-nap or wait for the evening when we had to make a choice between our sports or some hobby class. So over all it was all waste of a day in absence of ample physical activities.

Luckily, kids of current age are having a different schedule because of boarding schools. Cambridge Court World School is a boarding school that provides a helping hand to the working couples by giving them the best-needed environment for their child in their absence. Also the whole family can spend the mornings and evenings together happily without the stress of child’s development and security. The parents feel contented after finding the remarkable development in their child.

At Cambridge Court World School the eight hours are utilized well by the students in studying, learning new skills, developing their personalities in a fun and frolic way, most importantly the IQ and EQ are not overshadowed by the fancy activities, moral values are given due weight age in the growth of children.

Cambridge Court World School provides all the outdoor and indoor skill development programs under one roof. Also, a strong base is prepared which helps the child to perform regular life’s acts with ease. Keeping in mind what a parent want for his/her child, the schedule for the complete year is very well framed.

In Cambridge Court World School a record is maintained of every child’s hobbies, interests and their performance in each, thereby encouraging the children and providing them the right guidance under eminent teachers. A perfect balance between academics and co-curricular activities is maintained by a well-crafted daily schedule. All in all Cambridge Court World School is not just the best boarding school of Jaipur but is the best second home you can rely on.

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