Digital Learning in Schools is good for Students

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November 24, 2017
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December 12, 2017

Digital Learning in Schools is good for Students

digital learning

The key task of education is to facilitate learning for students. Earlier it was solely done by the teachers in the classroom setting but now with invent of technology in education, digital learning is slowly but steadily paving its place in Indian classrooms. Digital learning in schools is learning facilitated by technology that gives students as well as their teachers, an edge over the traditional chalk and talk style of classroom learning.

In today’s highly competitive environment, rote learning without comprehension and without thinking beyond it won’t help students in their future endeavor. Students with rote learning method are often found in trouble when the same set of questions are reframed and asked in relation to the practical application of concepts. How nice it would be to explain how electricity is made or digestive system through a video! This would certainly help students to grasp the subject much better. It is also said what we see remains with us for a longer period than what we just read or hear.

Digital Learning is a solution to help teachers move ahead of rote learning. Digital learning in schools provides an encouraging learning environment for students to grasp concepts more speedily and to connect theory with application more proficiently. Even children look forward to such classes and are found to be highly engaged in learning. This also is an aid to teachers as it improves their instructional techniques and also saves their time.

At Cambridge Court World School, we have understood the importance of digital learning in a student’s life and hence have efficiently incorporated the new wave of digital teaching and learning in its system. The Teach Next programme adopted by the school helps children of all the classes to have a visual understanding of the concept their teacher had already explained to them in the class. Digital learning helps both students and teachers to concentrate their efforts on exploring more and more about the concepts in hand. Children involve themselves in active discussions that open their mind to think creatively and certainly help them to be future thinkers and innovators.

We at CCWS are striving hard to make each child a future scientist with the aid of the digital learning which today is in its nascent stage but would be soon ubiquitous.

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