Blended Learning Middle School

Blended Learning Middle School

Middle school is a stage when the students enter as children but leave as adolescents. Children experience a lot of physical transformations in them which in turn are reflected in their mental permanence, their attitude, their mannerisms and much more. Their mind is full of queries about themselves and the world around. They witness a whole lot of new problems that they have never encountered earlier. They are in the middle of everything. Parents allow them doing certain things saying they have grown up but deny for some as they haven’t grown up too much. A child is in a state of utter confusion both physically and emotionally.

These changes are undoubtedly reflected in a child’s behavior in school. The school needs to have a makeover too to fulfill the growing mental needs of the students. If scolded too often they would go gloomy and quiet but if their actions are not corrected right at this stage it could be niggling for the whole life. This definitely calls for modification of teaching style that a school chooses to follow. A middle school student needs activities that keep him occupied for a long period of time. He needs to be busy as a bee so that he doesn’t go melancholic and be up to something every time. A shift in role needs to be there – from a listener to a doer. His energy needs to be utilised and diverted towards the right plethora of activities.

Cambridge Court World School has successfully understood this and hence has chosen the concept of blended learning middle school. Blended learning is the combination of face to face learning, learning by doing and apt usage of digital content that truly deepens the students’ learning experience and helps children to grasp the concept better. Since inception, the school has taken several steps to integrate technology with traditional modes of teaching as it understands that the need to prepare students for the 21st century workplace has to be addressed right now else it would be too late.

School focuses chiefly on small group instruction that on one hand helps the teacher to teach and focus on each child’s need and on the other hand makes it possible for each child to discuss its problem with the teacher. This can be successfully witnessed in the special classes based on the STEM concept that is currently being run for all classes in the school. Children sit in small groups of 3 to 4, ponder over a problem, find solutions and put their imagination on the tablets given to them. They also built up live models to have the experience of learning by doing.

More to it they witness videos that are based on various case studies that give them a different experience of learning by watching. Such video presentations have a perpetual and unfathomable impression on their minds. Apart from the day to day curriculum that the school follows the school also tries to keep its Cambridgians on their toes by arranging activities such as group discussions, debates, poem competitions, quiz competitions, science week, skits, dramas, slogan writing competitions and many more. We truly believe that our uphill struggle would definitely help in moulding our children into young confident beings of 21st century who would be ready to face and handle all the problems.

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