Blended Learning Middle School

When a child is born the first thing he does is cry, followed by a kiss on his forehead by his mother and loved ones and thus, starts his learning and understanding of the emotions. These loving gestures are needed for the emotional security of child which later on improves his mental health.

As the child grows he starts getting informal education from his home and his mother becomes his first teacher. At home, he gets scolding, hugging, punishments and encouragements which help him in judging his own action to be right or wrong.

As he gets admission in school, he starts to get academically sound along with the knowledge of the extra-curricular. Gradually moral values are instilled in him through the stories narrated to him.

By the time he enters into middle school, he has been already introduced to different emotions, different life skills and knowledge of different subjects. He is a literate now.

After middle school a child has to enter the competitive world, where the tough competitions might break his emotional strength leading to physical and mental stress. An intelligent child because of such problems may get affected and his performance might start facing failure on the other hand. A careless but mentally and emotionally strong child bearing this pressure of life easily can give a fight to them and thereby gaining confidence could actually emerge as a winner.

Our research analysed that in the changeover phase of life, a child’s personality is also affected by the people in his immediate circle. As he is growing, the people around him keep reminding of the time ahead of him. They caution him for the difficulties and problems which they had experienced in their lives. As a result their fears are indirectly transferred to their child and it is here, the role of school education becomes important.

Blended education i.e. a blend of emotional and academic education given at middle school level prepares a child to face the competitive world which might seem hostile to him. A child taken care by professionals-trained for giving such education, gets a great help in his personality development and grooming. A well-crafted curriculum based on research and studies prepare the educators to explore the areas of students’ life where they in their growing age might stumble. Case studies of different children helps in picking these areas, where then the feedbacks, discussions and thoughtful planning helps to design the course to pick the topics, to set the questions, to device the activities where situational remedies can be asked from the children. This way a child starts applying his previous learning. His decision making, self appraisal, critical analysis, all get developed. His real testing comes when he is exposed to the outside world. His situation handling, his interaction with people, his judgment, his reaction all depend on how composed his personality is and what he has learnt from his previous education more precisely his middle school.

Blended learning middle schools helps in situations like mental education, academic education, emotional education and life skill based education is a must at middle level. Conduction of skits, dramas, nukkad nataks, rallies and competitions for debates, group discussions and article writing on the sensitive topics, making a child to think about various emotion and feeling, should be blended with present curriculum which will make a child emotionally strong, confident, unbiased, tolerant and more importantly a loving personality, ready to combat the challenges given at secondary level and later in life.

Our research and development team came up with the concept of blended learning middle school which has helped us bring the best in every child.

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