Welcome and thank you for your interest in Cambridge Court World School.
Everyone at Cambridge Court World School works hard to create an exhilarating, stimulating and compassionate environment, to empower each student to reach his/her full potential. All our students are also expected to make their own impact in school life. To achieve this, we’ve developed a simple Admissions process:
Please spare a few minutes to help us know you more
Following the review of your child's application and supporting documentation, you will be informed if your child has been selected for an interview.
Students are offered the admission formally in writing. When you accept the offer you will be asked to pay an enrolment fee. This represents your commitment to accepting the admission offered to you. If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Team who will be happy to help you.
"For over 20 years, Cambridge Court Group of Schools has touched the lives of young people from around trying to nurture and groom our Cambridgians. Our school education combines the very best features of high academic challenge with a unique approach to the enrichment and personality development of the young Cambridgians. We prepare young people for exams and we equip them to earn a living by imparting them with basic life skills during the course of their school life— we do these things with rigor. At Cambridge Court World School even the slow learners are taken special care of to bring about a positive change in them and to make them realize their full potential. The education offered by us is designed to go far beyond these goals, to develop the whole person and not just a part of their personality."

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