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About Cambridge Court World School

After 15+ years in education with Cambridge Court High School, we now bring you Cambridge Court World School- a day grooming school where we take care of your child’s upbringing. At Cambridge Court High School, we have consistently been producing exceptionally good results. We also take extra curricular seriously – we have been the Derek O’Brien Bournvita Quiz Contest Winners (North Zone) twice in a row. We decided to best ourselves in 2016 when our Cambridgians came first runner up nationwide. Once might be a fluke, twice a coincidence, but thrice certainly is a confirmation! At Cambridge Court World School, our academic program prepares students for entry into the finest colleges and universities world-wide. For more information about the ethos of the school you can download our e-brochure from the link above.

Why Cambridge Court World School?

Give your child the Cambridge Court Edge:

  • In-school written homework
  • Eliminates the need for any tuition!
  • At the same time, it is ensured that your child is always occupied constructively at home-in an independent activity, assignment or project.

- Lata Rawat

Cambridge Court R&D

We ensure that the best study materials are provided to your child-be it a handbook or any digital learning material.

We simplify the teaching and learning process to instill curiosity, which is a driving force behind learning and achieving. This includes activity-centric educational games promoting mental development among the Cambridgians.

Life Skills Development

All subjects incorporated in our curriculum, are correlated with life skills; so that your child is better prepared for the world outside- after his/her school life.

Researches show that emotional intelligence (EI) is at times more powerful than intelligence quotient (IQ). It should be nurtured and strengthened from the childhood. We focus on your child’s EI, which includes things like self-awareness, decision making, self control, persistence, zeal, social skills, problem solving, etc.

What better time than while in school?

Concept Based Studies

We have emphasized on concepts and discouraged rote learning for 16 years. Our result in class XII CBSE and other competitive exams in our original branch bears testimony to this. We widen their horizon by making them think logically & oriented. Likewise, our assessments are also based on understanding of concepts.

First Positive School of Jaipur

Continuous positive psychological reinforcement provided here gives your child the confidence to be a leader.Dedicated parent-child counselling though workshops for positive parenting.

Child Safety & Security

Cultural Exchange Programs

Our aim is to imbue our Cambridgans with a global perspective without losing the touch with their own culture and traditions. For the same, we host a cultural exchange programs. Cambridge Court has hosted groups of Spanish and Danish students in the past. Such cultural exchange programs will be continued at Cambridge Court World School to give a sense of diversity and hospitality to its students.


A day boarding (09:30 A.M to 04:30 P.M) school where we take care of your scild’s upbringing
Air Conditioned classrooms to give your child a conducive learning environment

In Collaboration with

Science Olympaid Foundation
Umang Foundation

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