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From Principal's Desk

It is rightly said that “Life without discipline is like a ship without rudder.”

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and a happy soul who is then not only equipped with 21st-century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence but is also prepared to face the challenges of life in a positive and harmonious way. Our ever-growing competitive streak- our USP, has made the number of our accomplishments outgrow brochure’s capacity to house them.

Cambridgian are trained, values are inculcated to make them strict disciplinarian. It is so because we believe that without discipline it is very difficult to lead a happy life in the society.

Self-discipline lies in restraining our unruly desires and ugly impulses.

“Discipline is everything which we do in the right way in right time.”

A specially designed research and development team of professional intellectual and educationists has been persistently working to blend the teaching environment through “learning while doing” culture.

The educational modules are crafted in such a manner that the varied teaching methodologies practiced in the school such our students to be thinkers,learners and innovators, various sports activities assist them to stand physically fit,diverse hobby and co-curricular classes facilitate children to rejuvenate themselves.The sound culture of the school nurtures children to be socially vigorous, able communicators and efficacious managers.The utmost discipline level set in the school enables them to achieve goals, set limit for themselves and take care of other people and the world around them.

CCWS sculpt leaders who besides being smart hard workers and successful professionals are also calm, composed, self-assured, humble and cultured enough to be an epitome of excellence for others.

About Cambridge Court World School

After 15+ years in education with Cambridge Court High School, we now bring you Cambridge Court World School- a day boarding school where we take care of your child’s upbringing.
At Cambridge Court High School, we have consistently been producing exceptionally good results. We also take extra curricular seriously – we have been the Derek O’Brien Bournvita Quiz Contest Winners (North Zone) twice in a row. We decided to best ourselves in 2016 when our Cambridgians came first runner up nationwide. Once might be a fluke, twice a coincidence, but thrice certainly is a confirmation! At Cambridge Court World School, our academic program prepares students for entry into the finest colleges and universities world-wide

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Why Cambridge Court World School?

Give your child the Cambridge Court Edge

  • In-school written homework
  • Eliminates the need for any tuition!
  • At the same time, it is ensured that your child is always occupied constructively at home-in an independent activity, assignment or project.

Vision & Mission
Our endeavor is to impart concept based education because we hate rote learning. Apart from the regular coursework, we aim to make the students better prepared for the world outside and in their day to day life by way of life skills development. Our aim is to imbue the Cambridgians with a global perspective without losing the touch with their own culture and traditions. Just as laughter & tears are in unison with life, the values too play a pivotal role. Our continuous endeavor is to relate learning to current challenges, encourage the child to proceed on the path of self discovery. We believe in holistic education which alone can ignite minds. We very strongly feel that quality education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those people who prepare for it today itself. We at CCHS are here to do just that.

Infrastructures and Facilities

Air-Conditioned Classrooms
Rooftop Two Floor Auditorium (to be commissioned)
Rooftop Swimming Pool (to be commissioned)
AV Room in Each Floor

Mini-Football Field
Squash Court
Badminton Court
Basketball Court

What parents have to say?

  • Mr. Sanjay Mathur & Mrs. PreetiMathur
    For effective teaching, it is important to provide a safe and supportive environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn. Motivation and appreciation are the keys to success which are provided by the teachers here. The training at Cambridge Court helps the child to become a well organized citizen. Cambridge Court has a well planned and organised curriculum. I find that Cambridge Court is working in all fields for the overall developmentof my ward.
    Mr. Sanjay Mathur & Mrs. Preeti Mathur
  • Mr. Dilip Kumar Khatri & Mrs. Hema Devi

    It was the year 2005, when I had to admit my child into a school where right development at the right time was the motive and hence I chose Cambridge Court. At Cambridge Court, my child is doing everything he never had done before. The school always support children in matters of their field of interest and make parents as well as the students aware of the upcoming competitive examinations at right times. My son Sanjay became an NTSE scholar, KVPY fellow and every year wins medals in various Olympiads only because school always supports him with resources and right inputs. My child is learning many new things and basic etiquettes by being at Cambridge Court.

    Mr. Dilip Kumar Khatri & Mrs. Hema Devi
  • Mr. Sanjay Malik & Mrs. Rita Malik
    For my child, I wanted a school which could bring the best out of her, which could teach her the way to discover her maximum potential. Honestly, we don't think any other school could have brought up Chia better than Cambridge Court. Infact, at Cambridge Court, Chia developed the art of writing good English as well as became flawless in spoken English. . Our kid has learnt the value of sportsmanship and gratitude .The rules and regulations of the school have developed a sense of self reliance in our child.
    Mr. Sanjay Malik & Mrs. Rita Malik
  • Mr. Puran Bhagat Arora & Mrs. Nishi Arora
    The biggest asset of a school is good teaching & learning environment that is being provided at Cambridge Court campus. Values & discipline inculcated in the children at school help the students in nurturing their personality. Most of the pass out Cambridgians are successfully placed in various sectors. Observing all these aspects, we feel that the selection of the school for our little one has proved right. We appreciate the school for organizing the activities like art, craft, music & sports that help the students to nurture their overall personality.
    Mr. PuranBhagat Arora & Mrs. Nishi Arora
  • Mr. Nishant Vaishnav & Mrs. Rachna Vaishnav
    Finding a right school for our little one is never so easy. Being awakened parents, we always knew that it's the right mix of education and other curricular activities which could make our child a bright star. This school is a right mix of latest education with a proper blend of sports, arts & creativity. Now it's been almost eight years and this school has given our child every possible platform to exhibit her caliber. And with this school we believe, our search for a right school ended.
    Mr. Nishant Vaishnav & Mrs. Rachna Vaishnav
  • Mr. Bakhshish Singh & Mrs. Arvinder Kaur
    First of all I would like to thank the school as it gave me the opportunity to express my views. The environment of the school is very well maintained since the day one. Various extra curricular activities play a vital role for a child to become an all rounder and Cambridge Court organizes various activities at regular intervals. Homely environment in the school help my child to nurture her personality.
    Mr. Bakhshish Singh & Mrs. Arvinder Kaur

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